Business Assistance

Whether you’re launching a company or trying to organise your own established business there are so many things to think about and quite often design, branding and general creative strategies are overlooked. We’ve seen businesses with great ideas and/or products miss so many golden opportunities because they were focused on the daily ins and outs of their business (who can blame them?). We’ve helped businesses with far more than just design work. Through all of experience in dealing with businesses we’ve been able to give them real tools and solutions to elevate their company to higher levels of success.

English Copywriting

If you have an English speaking client base then you must have great English content. We have already used our copywriting skills on many websites, in a variety of industries, as well as product write-ups, posters and brochures,social media posts and general company branding.

English-Chinese Translations

It often makes sense to have a dual language website and we have helped a number of companies translate their Chinese text into catchy, personable English, and visa-versa.

Company Naming

This is not something we ever imagined doing but it turns out a lot of start-up companies have a great product or service and yet they don’t have a name. On numerous occasions we’ve been asked to do this and it turns out we’re pretty good at it. Naming a company is not just thinking up a word you personally like and using that. There are lots of factors to consider, from a linguistic, technical and a business perspective.

Brand Strategy

A lot of people seem to think that getting a logo is the beginning and end of all of their brand identity needs. Far from it. We’re here to help. We have given so many clients advice on what they need, what they should do next, and how to plan a long term branding strategy.

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