client: Guanxi Media

industry: Journalism, Media

location: Taichung, Taiwan

project: Website


Taking a Local Taichung Print Magazine to Digital

If you’ve lived in Taichung, Taiwan for a while you’ll remember Guanxi Magazine dotted around the city in restaurants, cafes and bars for people to freely pick up and take home. The magazine had a reputation for some revealing investigative journalism, as well as showcasing photography and artworks from local talent. The magazine was also written in both English and Chinese, meaning it catered for foreigners and locals alike - not something all too common around these parts. Nowadays the magazine is no longer seen in these establishments but instead Guanxi lives on a beautiful, user-friendly website built by Dymantic Design.

In its magazine format Guanxi allowed writers, artists and photographers from all over Taiwan to contribute their stories, opinions and news. The website follows on from this with a vast archive of interesting articles related to Taiwan, society, politics and the plain bizarre, as well as galleries full of photos and artworks. This is all neatly packaged into a very user-friendly, attractive, dual-language website.
The full homepage showing recent articles, photos and artworks and contributors.

But the website works both ways. The Admin Team of Guanxi Media can set up accounts for contributors so that they can log in and upload their articles by themselves making the publication of content run very smoothly and conveniently. Contributors also have a Biography section where they can market themselves and add links to their various other social platforms. Along with dual language, a video section for the progressive Guanxi Media team and a comments section, this website really was built with everyone in mind as Guanxi's ideals have always been community driven.

We were so honoured to be able to bring this to life and take Guanxi into its next era and watch its community steadily grow.

Here's a list of our five favourite articles:

Off the Beaten Path
Sects in the City
Dakeng Hiking trails
Ruins to Renaissance

What they said…

They exceeded my expectations with a super slick, and professional website that's easy to use. The customer service is also outstanding.

Michael Schram - Guanxi Media President

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