The Dymantic Design Website Process

27 May 2021

As with all well executed things in life our website design follows a well-planned process, and we would like to share it with you here. If you have absolutely no intention of getting a website made, you might still find this interesting or motivating for your own business or work life. If, on the other hand, you are considering getting a website made in the near future then this little step by step guide will give you a good idea of what to expect when hiring Dymantic Design to build you a beautiful website.
Step 1: Connect & Define
In this step we get in touch with each other through one of the many ways possible. Most of our clients, we are proud to say, have come through word of mouth referrals. Many have also come through just a good old fashioned Google search or social media. Once we have connected it is time to hear about your grand plan. You introduce your business, lay down what your vision is and tell us about the website, or other graphic design/branding services, you would like.
Step 2: Lets Commit
As it turns out we see the project you’ve outlined as something we’d love to take on while you deem us fit to do it. It’s the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship! All the finer details, such as the fee, the time frame and the final expectations and deliverables are agreed and signed upon. This project is now well and truly alive!
Step 3: Discovery & Strategy
Despite hearing all about your business, we still have a lot of work to do in actually figuring out what sort of goals the website wants to achieve, how the functions of the site will behave and be implemented, and what structure and pages the website will be made up of. It’s time to get the paper and pencil out in this step. Once we have a handle on it we send a basic site map of the website to our client to make sure that we haven’t left anything out and we’re all on the same page.
Step 4: The Wireframe
Once the site map is in order we can plot a slightly more detailed wireframe of all the pages and what sections of information each page will accommodate. The wireframe is an important springboard into the next step and it gives us a very good idea of what will be needed for the website and where the more challenging aspects lie. Once the wireframe is confirmed with our client we can move onto the next step.
Step 5: Organise Content 
Every website needs content. We look at what textual content is needed for the website, what images will be needed and what branding will be implemented along with the handover of any existing logo or branding element. Some websites will be in more than one language so a course of action for translations is set too. The content required is assigned to the responsible parties and plans are set for when it should be finalised by.
Step 6: High Fidelity Mockup
Dymantic Design will create a high fidelity mockup of the website for your approval. This is a document that shows you more or less exactly what the website is going to look like. Fonts, colours, branding and stylistic choices are decided and the website is fully hashed out in this mockup. Our client will review it and make sure it is to their liking and the general appearance and layout of the site is confirmed.
Step 7: Website Development
We are finally ready to build out this website. Dymantic Designs web development team will get to work to make the website based on all the planning in the previous steps. This is of course where the bulk of the work lies and can be the most timely step in the process, depending on the size of the website. Content should be coming together at this time too.
Step 8: Preliminary Check & Testing
The website has been built to a point of semi completion and you will be given the grand tour of the actual website. The website is to be checked and tested by our client while we continue to check, test and finalise odds and ends ourselves.
Step 9: Launch Website
With the website now complete it is time to launch it live to the world wide web. In these early stages we’ll keep a very close eye on how things perform and make sure all is running well. Your business is now online and the sky's the limit!
Step 10: But wait there’s more…
Websites are never truly, completely finished. They require maintenance and regular checks to make sure they are performing as intended. Dymantic Design is on top of this, long after the website has been finished. Furthermore, we are on hand to answer your questions, assist with content updates and bounce ideas off. As mentioned earlier, this relationship is long term and we happen to be very loyal. 

This is our process for building websites and we hope you enjoyed hearing about it. If you are in need of a new website please reach out to us and lets get Step 1 underway!

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