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Dymantic Design 是一個小而美的工作坊,我們富有熱情的設計,讓我們的作品具有實用性而且永不過時。我們的使命是給顧客最棒的設計,讓顧客的真正的實力可以藉由我們的設計得到展現。我們的專長是設計大膽俐落的商標和醒目的品牌形象。




非常好有國際化的網頁設計公司,能夠高度客製化而且有很強的IT能力。我們網頁就是Dymantic Design做的,後續也延伸CIS設計了很多產品,超棒!!!

Ursa Lee

Loherb Group

The best service on the island (Taiwan) with quality designs and great people behind them.

Cassandra Brennan

Flight Path


Tino Chen


Dymantic Design designed my logo and business cards. Really happy with the results! I also really loved the video he sent explaining his thought processes behind the design. Highly recommend Dymantic Design, and will definitely be coming back to them for future projects!

Joel Curry

Bamboo Collectif

一條龍的服務,從設計名片到設計網站。主要是中英文都可以呈現出我們想要的感覺。對於設計時間以及校稿時間也都快速又細心。我們從2015年到現在,每次有什麼疑難雜症,只要一封email, 都馬上回覆處理。是個效率很高又貼心的設計團隊!

Krissy Yang

Omashu Imports

Dymantic Design helped out the Taichung Hash House Harriers design a commemorative logo for our 800th run. His attention to details, communication, and overall product was exemplary. Well done and thanks.

Mark Paas

Taichung Hash

Dymantic Design had the huge task of rebranding all of our product brochures in a very short period of time. They listened to my brief and delivered exactly what I wanted. I have been extremely happy with their service and speed. I highly recommend Dymantic Design.

Adam Elson

Good For Life

Dymantic Design just created a new logo for my music production company, and I'm very happy with it. The work was done quickly, professionally, and tastefully. Highly recommended.

Andy Good

Forest of Sound

Absolutely one of the best experiences in producing graphic content. Very responsive, listened to and heard my desire, took time to understand the context and delivered pieces that not only fit, but really stand out as our icon and identity.

Todd Blackhurst

Taichung Expat

I love Dymantic design. You can feel their passion while working with them. They don't just finish their job, they would like their work to be PERFECT! I am really glad to have them as our company's partners.

Chai-Yu Huang

Buffalo Tools

From conceptualization to execution, Dymantic Design have been an absolute pleasure to work with. A professional & creative team that are highly skilled and extremely personable, the results speak for themselves.

JD Cousins

Cape Gold

Loved working with Dymantic Design to build our website for Uptowner Taichung. They are professionals in every sense and worked hard to create exactly what we asked for as well as going beyond our expectations with suggestions and customization efforts.

Ben Tacheny

The Uptowner

Dymantic Design created an amazing website for our wedding venue, which has impressed our clients and given us the edge in our industry. Fantastic team to work with and so accommodating.

Pam Kiepiel

Thorpe Lodge




Dymantic behaviour是動物遇到危險時,改變外表以脫險的一種自我保護能力,像章魚遇到敵人會變色 在敵人把您逼上絕境之前,趕緊改變行動吧!動態設計願意成為您改變的助力~