Logo Design

Design trends come and go, and that certainly should not be the case for a company’s logo. Stylish and attractive, yes. Recognisable and memorable, absolutely. Relevant with longevity, most definitely. These are the fundamentals of good logo design. When you work with us you will receive a logo that will be the face of your company and a strong, memorable identifier for your audience. You will receive all the necessary logo files for your ownership and we are on hand, throughout the logos lifespan, to offer advice, consult with, and to work on any future design projects. When you receive a logo from us you receive our continuous professionalism and expertise too.

Custom Logo Design

Through good communication with you about your business and its goals, research, planning and design exploration we will create a stylised, distinctive custom logo for you that speaks to your audience and helps your business to be recognised. A good, strong logo is at the very essence of a good, strong brand.

Logo Redesign and Touch-ups

Sometimes you may already have a logo but you’re not 100% happy with it and some small iterations may be needed. Maybe it's outdated, maybe it's just lost its edge. Either way a logo refresh is something every company goes through from time to time and we’re on hand to help with this.

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