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Scrupulous attention to detail

Design trends come and go, and that certainly should not be the case for a company’s logo. Stylish and attractive, yes. Recognisable and memorable, absolutely. Relevant with longevity, most definitely. These are the fundamentals we aspire to when conceiving a logo design.

It's a process

It’s difficult to measure a logo. The result is a tiny picture that could be as simple as tick (ahem). But behind that simple mark is a rigorous process that a designer went through. It starts with communication, then a lot of research, conceptualisation, wads of sketching paper, hours behind a screen, until finally a little gem reveals itself.


When all is said and done, our clients have a mark that will be the face of their company. Something tangible and ready to be adorned on all their company mediums and paraphernalia. It’s an exciting moment! Our clients receive all the necessary logo files for their ownership, plus we are on hand, throughout the logos lifespan, to offer advice, consult with, and to work with it on any future design projects. When you receive a logo from us you receive our continuous professionalism and expertise too.

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