client: RCI

industry: Environment Consulting

location: Taichung, Taiwan

project: Logo Design, Brand Identity

Green and Sustainable Buildings: Logo and Brand Identity

RCI智森 is a sustainable building consulting firm based in Taiwan. They help businesses to get their buildings and offices to be certified ‘green’, including LEED and WELL certifications, with a big focus on air quality, energy, smart technology and materials. This means working with architects, construction companies, interior and landscape designers, energy experts and safety officers to help a business meet the requirements for the certification they need and promote their environmental goals.
The logo exudes stature and distinction in well balanced harmony
I was contacted to design a new logo and brand identity for them as their old logo was outdated and they were about to move their office into a new building. A new and exciting era was upon them so what better time to level-up their corporate identity and assert their success.
The new logo looks is distinctive and relevant, and looks fantastic on the new office entrance
I wanted this logo to be representative of a modern city skyline, with the idea of space and air intertwined. So we see the three buildings from the perspective of street level view, as if we’re looking up at them as they stand large going backwards into the distance. The solid lines represent the structure of the buildings, while the negative space represents the clean air and ventilation that comes with green buildings.
A premium looking brand identity taking shape

There are a few symbolic messages within the logo too. The most obvious one being that the ‘buildings’ can also be seen as trees, representing the environmental connection they have. The buildings/trees also all look like arrows pointing upwards, a symbol of growth and prosperity.
Buildings, trees, upward arrows, what did you see first?
The logo and identity was well received and appreciated and will roll out with new offices and branding, including updates to their website, stationary and signage. We are very much looking forward to seeing it in action.

What they said…

Fantastic job, love it!

Shaun Bettinson - Marketing Manager

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