client: TB Solutions

industry: Consultancy

location: Taichung, Taiwan

project: Logo Design

Monogram Logo Design for Taichung Business Owner

This is a monogram logo design we did for TB Solutions, with TB being the clients initials. He is a French consultant and strategist in the material-engineering-tech-manufacturing industries based in Taiwan and he wanted to improve his personal brand and marketing with his own logo for business cards, presentations and social media. He wanted a monogram as he mostly does private consultancy and works under his own company.
The perfect little mark for social media and communication.
A monogram is a powerful type of logo that can exude personality and distinction and a great choice for a one-person company. We wanted this monogram to have a modern, sleek look, but solid and stable, that represented words like "industrial", "assembly", "teamwork" and "formal" as our client works with some big business in that design, develop and manufacture.
Strong yet sophisticated branding.
The letters are custom designed as we wanted to bring a very specific look and feel to the logo. Furthermore connecting a T and B is a difficult combo to unite, so we had to make sure we were dictating the letters instead of them dictating us. For colours, we all agreed that simply black and white, with grey accents, gives it elegance, allows versatility of use, and remains neutral to the many facets of expertise that he brings to the table. As seems to be increasingly becoming our style, there is this slight hint of a retro aspect to the logo, which we thought suited the clients persona and background.

TB loved it and the logo was received and and was immediately put to use on LinkedIn and used in presentations that the client gives on a regular basis.

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