client: Forest of Sound

industry: Music

location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

project: Logo Design

Logo Design for Recording Music Studio in Taiwan by Dymantic Design

The prolific muso Andy Goode originating from the UK, now residing in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, needed a logo for his sound production studio Forest of Sound where he puts together everything from full-length albums to advertising jingles. 
Andy has played in some well received rock bands in his days (the Peaks, The Zero Filters), as well as his own acoustic endeavour. He is also a keen busker and can be seen regularly playing in Kaohsiung or wherever he may be roaming the world at the time.
With this in mind the result is a beautifully designed minimalistic logo incorporating the legendary 'rock & roll' lightning bolts to indicate ‘sound’, which brilliantly creates the tree shape in the negative space to represent 'forest'.
The logo design was well received and has had heaps of praise from viewers. I am very proud of this one! 

What they said…

Everyone loves it, including my dad who is a harsh critic and also a graphic designer. High praise indeed!

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